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Kathryn O’Connor is a nutritional consultant with over 12 years experience in the nutraceutical field, including weight loss, sports nutrition, anti-aging and energy support.

Kathryn will be glad to give a free phone consultation on any of your wellness needs. Her expertise in nutrition, wellness, ingredients and how to fit them all together for her clients makes her an asset that M3 Mall is proud to utilize.

Kathryn states: “I am a former Natural Foods Manufacturing company owner who is interested in the chemistry of foods, especially for health. I'm using this knowledge to help others by counseling on diet and supplements.

Some of the wellness products that Kathryn works with are located in the Weight Loss and Wellness links on this site.

Nutritional Consultant

E-mail: Kathy@M3Mall.biz

Kathryn O’Connor

Phone: 530-277-1576

M3 Mall