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Korrina Boots, currently serving as Mrs. Gold Country Ambassador may be found through out the Gold Country volunteering for a variety of non profits. Her daughter is currently serving as Gold Country Princess and they are able to serve together in their community and as family.

Boots was diagnosed with MS in 2010. After much research about the medical options available that may halt symptoms, not reverse and may have more serious side effects, she looked in to the OPC-3 product from Market America, sold locally at M3 Mall. While she knows she will never be cured, there were no adverse side effects and the MS symptoms weren’t only halted, but some showed signs of reversal. Because of her fantastic results, she wanted to share health, wellness and nutrition to others. She serves on the M3 Mall team as an advisor of self-learned nutrition, ingredients and wellness.  She uses her role as beauty queen to let others know, that you cannot stop because of a diagnosis, go out and be all that you were without limitations of any disease, and know that there may be an alternative to the drugs prescribed, do you research and learn what is best for you.

Boots is also holding private coaching for weight loss and nutrition. To attend this free coaching class, it is suggested you complete the nutriphysical first.

Steps for Nutriphysical:
1. Click on the link on the left,
2. Redirected to the page, click on “Take Nutriphysical”
3. Requested to sign up as a preferred customer, enter your information  and when registering, it is vital that you use this email as the referral email:

Wellness Consultant

E-mail: Korrina@M3Mall.biz

Korrina Boots

Phone: 530-277-1576

Independent Distributor with Market America.

Web registration number: 0906037