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Lynn States: “ The prayer of Jabez (1 Chron 4:10) has never been more relevant for us,   “Oh that You would bless us indeed, enlarge our territories, that Your hand would be with us and that you would keep us from evil.”  Bless us, indeed! Expand our frontiers Lord! Help others to feel the excitement as we go out into the world and teach of your awesome provision and serve with the gifts you have so graciously given us.”

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Senior Care Consultant

E-mail: Lynn@M3Mall.biz

Lynn Costa           

Phone: 530-277-1576

In 2008 when Lynn, returned from a  Church mission trip to Uganda, Africa working with El Shaddai World Ministries, she was (and still is) on fire to help the women and children of Uganda .  Her  field of “expertise” is senior care, particularly Hospice care, and she was blessed on her second trip in 2009 to be able to join Jinja Hospice as they traveled the back roads of the Bugembe District assessing and helping these desperate people.  The vision was born there in a small hut in the slums of Bugembe, watching a daughter as she lovingly cared for her dying mother. “There has to be a way for us back home to help these caregiver’s.”  After returning to the our life’s mission work was planted.

M3 Mall

Lynn and Melisa met in a Bible Study and found a combined love for serving the needs of the Elderly. After Lynn had some medical issues of her own and was introduced to the Isotonix Line (mainly OPC-3) and the Transitions line, her personal positive results lead her to realize the need for Senior Care with these lines. She is M3 Mall’s Senior Care advisor in all areas, including nutritional supplements in isotonic form instead of pill as well as Fall prevention classes, first aid, Hospice needs and care giving. It was a perfect partnering for Mistler-Yates and Mehren-Costa. Melisa serves AMAH Home Care as a caregiver, and Lynn serves M3 Mall as a Senior Care Wellness Consultant.

Costa serves on the board of many non profits and is assisting M3 Mall in the role of Fundraising Coordinator as well.