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Hi, This is Melisa Mistler, one of the team members here at M3 Mall. After a car accident, that left me flat on my back, in pain and gaining weight, I didn’t have the energy or strength to lose the weight I had gained during recovery. I needed help. Thanks to the Transitions Lifestyle System, I lost over 100 pounds in one year (2006) and I’ve kept it off since.
This system teaches about food and to combine meals, journaling, accountability, and you are never hungry. Suggestions include supplements and exercise. Supplements are customized for individual needs, and budget and we encourage exercise on your own, or if you’re like me, I need the accountability—I suggest Fast and Fit just down the street.
Join me for health, wellness and beauty!                  

The you tube video on the right, shows other testimonials of other clients that were helped by our Transitions LifeStyle System offered at M3 Mall. Watch for your self, then, call us today to get started! Our system includes:
1. Journaling           2. Coaching            3. Instruction DVDs
4. Measuring          5. Nutrition              6. Customized Supplements
7. Menu Plans

Join us for a 12-week accountability class. Watch a new DVD each week, measure in, discuss your weeks journaling and questions you may have. The 12 weeks include: The Transitions™ Complete DVD Series will help to educate and motivate you as you follow the Transitions Lifestyle System®. The Complete DVD Series is composed of DVD segments ranging in length from 12-20 minutes. They cover topics such as: How to Succeed on the System, How to Read Labels and How to Kick that Sugar Habit. These DVDs will keep you focused and on track so that you can overcome everyday obstacles to reach your weight loss goals.

The Transitions™ Complete DVD Series contains the following segments:

· “Stop Dieting Live the Lifestyle”
· “Jump Start Your Success”
· “Getting Healthy Mind & Body using the Glycemic Index”
· Transitions Cooking – “Healthy Kitchen Basics 1”
· Transitions Cooking – “Healthy Kitchen Basics 2”
· “How to Read Labels”
· "Calorie is not a Calorie - Get off the Sweet Stuff”
· Transitions Lifestyle Support – “Plateaus”
· “Calorie is not a Calorie - Good Fats, Bad Fats”
· “Calorie is not a Calorie - Grains and Your Health”
Transitions Lifestyle Support – “Achieving Results to Last a Lifetime”

Our recommendation for exercise is Fast and Fit!

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